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Jun 21, 2013

Why to Retire in St. George Utah

St. George Utah has some of the most amazing scenery, awesome attractions, and enough outdoor activities to keep anyone busy for a lifetime. After retirement many people will ask why to retire to St. George Utah or other locations like it. Well the answer is simple, for the sheer beauty of nature in your backyard, quiet wide open spaces, amazing weather, and the best golf courses in the country.

Retiring is something that many people wait fifty or so years to do but when that final year before retirement happens, the excitement begins to grow. It can also be a very scary time for someone who doesn’t want to uproot what they’ve always known and move, but the chances of living a comfortable life in their current residence is slim to none or they want a change in scenery. With the many reasons that one would want to retire and relocate, finding an affordable house is no easy task.

St. George might be the best place to retire, but it’s also a great place to find affordable housing. With prices you can work into a budget and the wonderful perks of living in St. George, retiring here is among the top places of choice by retirees in the U.S. With Las Vegas approximately 120 miles away, several national parks including Zion and Bryce, the Grand Canyon, and Lake Powell close by, and many other major cities within reach, the location alone is perfect. Don’t let those traveling destinations fool you though, St George is home to some of the greenest golf courses around. From a dozen public golf courses and a few private, the avid golfer would be able to spend their days golfing away on a different course each week.

The weather is another great reason to retire to St. George Utah. The normal temperature for January on average is around 42 degrees F, while the normal for July is 86 degrees F. This makes for cool winters and warm summers. Due to the rising amount of seniors retiring to this area, the county puts out an Air quality report for those that may not be in the best of health. Since 2006, there have only been a total of 4 unhealthy days for sensitive people.

The reasons why people retire to St. George Utah are limitless. This wonderful location in the center of the United States offers the greatest experience for a retired individual or couple. The astounding golf courses, the beautiful backdrops, and the affordable housing are all ready and ripe for the picking by someone who needs a break after working their entire life.

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