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Nov 10, 2015

Painting Tips

Don’t be afraid. Take a breath. You can do it. No one really wants to paint but sometimes it is necessary. There are so many different questions to ask and you hope that you are doing things right.


  • What type of paint is best?
    • There are two paint types; oil and water. Water paints today are great and dry quickly. For a finish go for a egg-shell or matte.

  • How much paint do you need?
    • One gallon for 350 sq ft of surface area.
  • Do you need a primer?
  • Are you painting over a dark paint? Are the walls stained? Are the walls full of other marks? Then yes you definitely need a primer. Otherwise paint away
  • Best way to do the ceiling?
    • The most annoying problem is that there is a lot of splatter. Rumor has it that Benjamin Moore Paint splatters less so that is always a good option.
  • How do I go about it?
  • Don’t forget to clean everything, and to use tape to cover the corners. Otherwise you are gonna have a lot of touching up to do.
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