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Aug 25, 2015

Football Season has arrived

It is that special time of year when the boys of summer give way to the gridiron gang. In the first month of the football season it is the perfect time to have an outdoor/indoor football party. So pick a date and follow these instructions to make your home party capital of the world.


  1. Food – make some of your own. And have some of your friends bring some. Sometimes hosts worry that there won’t be enough food for everyone. But if each person brings their own dish, they are guaranteed to like at least one thing.
  2. The Game – this will really depend on which team you like the most. But more importantly get a feel for how the conversation is going. If people are super chatty turn the volume on the game down. If they aren’t do the opposite.
  3. The Decorations – your Mowery Home is already perfect enough. And let’s be honest, it is a football game! People are only coming for a few things: the size of the TV, room, and food… and maybe the company.
  4. Drinks – provide varying options on what people can drink, but don’t give them too many. Did you know that the more options a person has the less satisfied they are with the decision they make? Less is more.
  5. Set a time – there is nothing more awkward than wanting people to leave and them not picking up on the hint. If there is an established start and end time they will be more likely to leave when you want them to. As host you can also EXTEND the time.

With these simple steps you are on the way to becoming the king of football parties, and if you are lucky maybe your friends will come a calling when Super Bowl 50 rolls around.

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