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Oct 10, 2015

Fall Decorating Tips

Fall is such a fun time for decorations because there is so much that goes on from September 21st to December 21st. Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even part of the Christmas season. There is no other time where so much is going on.


  1. Don’t Overdo it
    1. We start with this because this is generally the biggest mistake decorators make. Your home doesn’t need to become the Disneyland of the block, it just need to present a nice relaxing place to be.pumpkins
  2. Colors
    1. The basic colors are browns, oranges, and yellows. Depending on the type of feel you want you may want to go soft with a lot of the colors. The lighter the colors the more comfortable the house is.
  3. Themes
    1. There are lot of things that can be used, cornucopias, pumpkins, turkeys, and everything else that you associate with the season thanksgiving
  4. Food
    1. Just because they’re called decorations doesn’t mean you can’t make them edible! Adding some candy or a simple baked good will enhance the experience.candy

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