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Dec 30, 2015

3 Reasons You Love Your HOA

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all cursed them at least once in our lives. When looking into homes for sale in St. George, you may find yourself dealing with a homeowners association. It’s easy to look over how an HOA can benefit you but look closer, it’s all in the details.

Maintained Amenities (Things STAY nice)

The higher your HOA bill, the greater amenities you probably have. This may sound like fluff, but look around. The community gate’s keypad still works, park lawns are freshly cut, jogging paths are free of face high tree limbs, and that suspicious chalk smiling sun has disappeared from the tennis courts.

Property Value Protection (Things LOOK nice)

In other words, the neighbor next door can’t put up that whimsical birdhouse/mailbox he’s shown you seven times just because his grandchildren made it for him. We get it Bernie, your grandkids are gifted. Or perhaps the environmentally conscious neighbor down the street wants to construct a rain catcher out of reclaimed wood. These are two examples of many HOA restrictrictions set in place to preserve community curb appeal and keep your dependable home’s property value from declining.

Defend Zoning Regulations (No Parts Stores next door)

Ok, “parts stores” is a bit far fetched, but your quiet residential road becoming a four lane highway overnight is not. Every once in a while, HOA’s take a stand against city zoning decisions they feel are unlawful. In July of this year, a group of homeowners in Illinois filed a lawsuit against a real estate developer and the city of Springfield for a zoning decision they claimed was in violation of city code.

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