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Aug 03, 2012

Increase in Building Permits in St. George

A Great Comeback from the Recession

Yesterday’s article from the Spectrum simply entitled “Housing recovery” gives us some great insight into the increase in building permits in St. George, Utah.

David DeMille of the Spectrum states, “After some difficult years, construction is starting to look like a bright spot in the Southern Utah economy again, with building permits up, more homes selling and home prices rising.”

Building Permits Increase in St. George

He went on to explain the effects that the Great Recession had on Southern Utah’s housing market. It’s estimated that around that time, 50% of area contractors either went out of business completely or packed their bags and left town. Now the area is finally seeing some consistent recovery since that horrible recession.

As statistic from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget shows that in June 2012, construction employment was up 4.7% statewide. Area economist Lecia Langston says that “To me the most positive indicator is that every single industry saw growth this year.”

Even though people are holding back on major purchases until after the elections, these people will want new homes in the long run. St. George, Utah is somewhere people just want to be. It’s as simple as that.

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