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May 25, 2015

Building a pool? What you need to know first.


Let’s face it. You live in St. George and you know just how hot it gets. A lot of you would like to build your own personal pool to beat the heat. A lot of residents in St. George already own a pool and you would like to be one of them.

But there’s a few things to know before you break ground.


Are you committed?

Forking over all the money for a pool isn’t even half of the battle. Building a pool, even with a professional crew by your side, is a long and often very loud task. Furthermore once the pool is built that’s not the end of it. Unless you want it losing its chemical and hygienic properties need pool requires frequent and consistent maintenance. And unless you have a full-time crew and pool boy at your disposal it’ll be up to you. Hence, before you buy a pool you must be committed.


What are your intentions with the pool?

Personal pools serve many different functions and for different people. If your pool is meant for exercise and therapy then you’ll want to build a longer shallow space to allow easier swimming. If your pool is meant to host parties and entertainment you might want to consider different pool features such as lighting and music speakers. And if your pool will be intended for family leisure be sure to incorporate some safety features such as a pool cover or fencing. Remember, keep your intentions in mind while building.


What are the city’s policies and regulations?
Depending on where you build, how you build, how big you build it, how you maintain it, etc. you will need to meet certain city policies. Fortunately St. George is an outdoor pool kind of city and makes it easier to build a pool than many other cities. Certain regulations can relate to types of filtration devices, distance from sewer lines, gate and fencing regulations, etc. You don’t want to find yourself halfway through the building process only to find out you have to make a change to meet some city restriction.

Overall, living in St. George is a blessing and having a nice, cooling pool at your home can do wonders during these hot summer months. Any other questions about living in St. George please contact Charlie Mowery Real Estate.

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