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Aug 13, 2014

Getting “Yourself” Out Of The Home

Leave Your Personality Out of the Picture

If you’ve ever tried to sell a home in St. George, Utah, you know that it’s not always as easy as it looks.There are always homes for sale in St. George, and chances are your home isn’t much different from the one down the street. So how do you sell it?

Here’s the secret that most sellers don’t understand, thus preventing them from getting rid of their home. You have to get the YOU out of your house before showing your home. Why? Because buyers don’t want to see pictures of you and your children all over the home, they want to be able to visualize their own photos and personal items. Obviously you can’t get photos of the potential buyers and hang them around your house, but what you can do is rid your home of your photos and personal items.

Here’s what to get rid of in each room of the home.

The Kitchen

Remove all the clutter and appliances from the counter tops. You want your kitchen to appear as spacious as possible, so make sure that counter tops are completely cleared off. This also goes for the cupboards and fridge. Clear out all your food and dishes from the cupboards to maximize space. But be sure to leave one set of matching dishes nicely organized in the cupboards so the buyers can see how to best utilize the space.

Once everything is cleaned out add some simple decorations to the kitchen. Some great examples are a big bowl of oranges or a nice orchid plant to be the centerpiece of the room. You can also set the table with nice table placemats.

The Living Room

This room tends to be where most families place all their most cherished family items like their child’s fifth grade painting, or the family photo above the fireplace. But it’s crucial that you remove all these things before the buyers step into your home. If you have shelves remove most of your books and movies. You don’t want them to be completely bare, but almost. Also, remove all the old magazines and newspapers. Your interests are not the buyers interests. And they need space to imagine all of their own personal items in the room.

If you have a decor theme that is consistent throughout the house great, keep it. If it changes from room to room consider removing the themes. Buyers like consistency in a home not chaos.

The Bathrooms

Clear out all your products from the shower, cabinets, and other storage. Buyers will open up every compartment they can see. So it’s a good idea to live out of traveling toiletry bags while your home is on the market.

The Bedrooms

Clear out all the dressers and closets in the bedrooms. The master bedroom closet is a hot spot for potential buyers, so get all of your personal things out of there. While your home is on the market you can put all of your clothes that you will need over the next couple of days in a carry on under the bed.

Speaking of the bed, make sure you get some neutral linen when you’re showing the house. You know how hotel beds have the all white bedding? That’s what we are going for. Just because you like flowers and polka dots on your bed, doesn’t mean that the buyers will. The more bland the better when it comes to the bedding.

Once you’ve followed these directions for each room take a picture and view your home from a camera lens, because that’s what the buyers will be doing. You’re looking for anything that seems out of place or awkward in a photo. These pictures are what the buyers will look at when deciding which home to buy so you want your home to appear presentable even in a photo.

We hope that these tips help you have success when putting your home for sell in St. George, Utah.

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