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Oct 26, 2015

Easy Meal Ideas

Sometimes after a hectic day the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal, sometimes it seems easier just to pick up some fast food and call it a day. Follow these easy tips and you will have homemade meals for the week.


  1. Plan ahead
    1. If you have extra time you can make some of your favorite meals and save them for the week.calendar
  2. Make a lot
    1. The more you make the more leftovers there will be. You already planned on making it just make a little more.feast 
  3. Reinvent Leftovers
    1. If you get bored of leftover quickly trying making them into some other type of dish that is quick and easy. The hard part of cooking is done and you simply need change it up a little.
  4. Breakfast for dinner
    1. Eggs and potatoes are easy to make and hard to screw up. The best part they are really really cheap. This adds a little spice into your day by switching up the normal dinner routine.


  1. Bond
    1. Making dinner with the family is a good way to not only eat something new, but to spend time with the family. You are killing two birds with one stone. Happy family, and happy tummies.

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