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Feb 29, 2016

Decorating your First Home: 9 Priceless Tips

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After finding a dependable home for sale and taking the plunge, you might find that interior design is not as fun as you imagined. We talked to a few St. George home buyers to find what they wish they would’ve known to save both time and money. Here are 6 bits of advice:


  1. Your largest pieces of furniture should be second hand: This isn’t just about saving money. Personal tastes change, and you’ll probably switch up your home’s interior design a few times before you finally settle on something that really fits your taste. Wait until then to purchase your high-end furniture.


  1. Be thrifty: Family and friends will want to contribute to your first home with old furniture and the likes. Before turning down any offers, rediscover your “crafty side” and learn how to make some simple repairs. That old couch may just need new upholstery or the ragged skirt removed. Try and be thrifty! You’ll be glad you did.


  1. Embrace the fortuity: Your first home will not be perfect. Odd chairs around the table, or a couch that needs a few back pillows to be comfy. This is normal for everyone. Look at it this way, you’re discovering your interior preferences.


  1. Paint is your friend: The entire ambience of a room can be transformed with some wall and furniture paint. Dip the legs of your mismatched chair to unify them, or paint a block of color behind your bed for a faux headboard.


  1. Let accent walls work for you: Painting a whole room is an ambitious project, one you don’t always need to undertake. Instead, try painting just one wall. If you find you don’t love it, you can always repaint it with ease.


  1. Brush off the annoyances: Browsing may make you want throw everything out of your home and design from the ground up, but resist! Learn to live with the little design problems. With time you will come across as fix that is simpler and cheaper.


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