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Aug 18, 2013

What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent That You Can Trust?

Hiring an agent to handle your home buying or selling needs is one of the best ways to ensure that you receive the best advice and guidance. However, you cannot trust just any real estate agent. Some agents have unpleasant personalities that may cause issues with your sale or purchase. The agent that you hire should be helpful and on point with any information that you should need over the course of your decision making. When you hire this agent, you are putting your financial business in their hands. They will manage the home market, set up open houses, and eventually place or sell your home.


Here are a few traits of a good real estate agent that you can trust:


In order to be a real estate agent, the state requires you to take an exam and receive your license. This has a great impact when it comes to someone helping to sell your home. By seeing their license posted on the wall in award format, you are ensuring they have the right credentials to help in areas where an unlicensed person might not.


How familiar an agent is with the market that they are selling on matters. If the agent knows nothing about that current location’s market then chances are they will not make good choices for their clients.


There is a lot of paperwork involved in buying or selling a home. A good real estate agent should know how to handle the mounds of paperwork without having to seek other advice. The person hiring the agent should not have to worry with terms that they do not know. They should have the opportunity to ask the agent and receive an immediate answer.

Up With Technology

Some real estate agencies use computerized records while others may only input information and save paper records. With the internet becoming more popular by the minute, the access to different venues to search for the perfect house or post a listing to sell a house is endless. Agents should be on top of the newest technology and know how to properly use it to benefit their clients.

Personality and Compassion

Although these two seem like they could be left out, they can also be very important. When hiring a real estate agent, you must be able to trust them completely with your financial decisions. You want them to look out for your best interests instead of their own. A trustworthy agent will do this. They are compassionate with their clients and aim to place you in the right home or help you to sell your home for a fair price.

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