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Building a pool? What you need to know first.

Published under News on 05/25/2015

  Let’s face it. You live in St. George and you know just how hot it gets. A lot of you would like to build your own personal pool to beat the heat. A lot of residents in St. George already own a pool and you would like to be one of them. But there’s a few things to know Continue Reading »

How to Make the Most of Your Space

Published under News on 04/26/2015

Tips to make your home feel bigger. So you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff since you’ve moved into your home. Your space doesn’t feel as big as it used to feel. Here are some simple tips to make the most out of your space, and make your home feel bigger. Mirrors Mirrors really help open up a space. They reflect Continue Reading »

Five Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Published under Green on 03/03/2015

  Buying a new home isn’t cheap nowadays. Not only do you have to take into consideration what your monthly mortgage payment may be when you buy a new home but you also should take into consideration how much it’ll cost per month to “run” your new home with heat, air conditioning, water, etc. There are plenty of ways to Continue Reading »

Finding the Perfect Home

Published under Buying,Housing on 02/05/2015

For those of you looking to buy a new home, we’ve put together a nifty list of the top 7 tips for finding the best home out there. 1. Look at all your options. As you begin your hunt you may be tempted to dismiss some homes right off the bat without seeing them in person. In this case, the Continue Reading »

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Published under Lifestyle on 12/25/2014

Tips for Decorating a Uniquely Beautiful Tree This Year A house is more than simply a building or shelter; it is a home. A place of refuge and love, a place of gatherings and celebrations. Charlie Mowery knows this as he provided the most dependable home for sale in St. George Utah. He also knows that the Holiday season is Continue Reading »

A Homebuyer’s Checklist

Published under Buying,Real Estate on 11/20/2014

6 Steps to Buying a Home When searching to buy a home there is a lot to think about and it can become overwhelming. Charlie Mowery can offer help in showing you the most dependable homes for sale in St. George Utah, and here is a helpful checklist of six things to accomplish during the home buying process and what Continue Reading »

The Truth about Realtors

Published under News on 11/10/2014

Disbanding Myths about Realtors Buying and selling a home can be stressful when done on your own, but many people don’t trust realtors because of things they have heard. As a realtor, Charlie Mowery doesn’t just offer dependable homes for sale in St. George Utah, he offers dependable and honest service. When you work with realtors like Mowery, you will Continue Reading »

Why You Should Hire a Realtor

Published under News on 09/20/2014

Buying a home in St. George, Utah, is not as easy as it looks. Most home shoppers think that they can just go out and pick out their dream home, negotiate the price, and ensure they are getting what they pay for on their own. But that’s not necessarily the case. To prove it to you, we will take you Continue Reading »

Buying Your Child A Home

Published under News on 09/10/2014

A Good Investment or a Big Mistake? As parents it’s hard to watch your children grow up and become more independent, but it’s even harder to watch them struggle with the financial pressures that come with being adults. That’s why more and more parents are buying their college graduates a home or an apartment. They see it as a win-win Continue Reading »

Strategies For Bidding On a Home

Published under News on 08/21/2014

Getting The Best Price For The Best House When shopping for a new home in St. George, Utah, you want to get the best price for your dream home. That’s understandable, and we are here to help. With all the homes for sale in St. George you have a lot of buying options, so you’ll be exposed to bidding on Continue Reading »

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