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Fall Decorating Tips

Published under Lifestyle,Saint George on 10/10/2015

Fall is such a fun time for decorations because there is so much that goes on from September 21st to December 21st. Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even part of the Christmas season. There is no other time where so much is going on.   Don’t Overdo it We start with this because this is generally the biggest mistake decorators make. Your Continue Reading »

Finding the Right Home for Your Family

Published under Buying,Housing,Lifestyle,Real Estate,Saint George on 09/25/2015

There are so many different things to consider when purchasing a home. First off it can be expensive depending on your income and it can a difficult experience on your family That is why picking the right home will make all of the difficulties worth it.   Know your family Depending on the size and personality of the people in Continue Reading »

Home: Renting Vs. Buying

Published under Buying,Housing,Lifestyle,Real Estate,Saint George on 09/09/2015

One of the greatest questions in human history… no not what our purpose is, but which is better: renting or owning. Each one has its pros and each one has its cons.   Owning Pros Independence – you are in control of what goes on Tax Breaks – for being a homeowner you are entitled to certain help from the Continue Reading »

Football Season has arrived

Published under Housing,Lifestyle,Saint George on 08/25/2015

It is that special time of year when the boys of summer give way to the gridiron gang. In the first month of the football season it is the perfect time to have an outdoor/indoor football party. So pick a date and follow these instructions to make your home party capital of the world.   Food – make some of Continue Reading »

Keeping the Heat Out

Published under Buying,Housing,Real Estate,Saint George on 08/10/2015

Are you tired of that uncomfortable bead of sweat that slowly drips down the side of your face while you’re sitting inside your home? St. George summers are anything but kind to those who enjoy the cool. Protect your house against the heat with these simple steps. Immediate Remedies: Reflective Barriers – One important thing to take into consideration when Continue Reading »

How to get the best deal possible on your home

Published under Buying,Housing,Real Estate on 07/17/2015

  When you are in the market for a home, two things that you need to know about is when to start negotiating a price and when to stop negotiating the price of your desired home. In order to be successful, you need to be familiar with the housing market and the real estate prices in the neighborhood. One thing Continue Reading »

Terms you should know about when buying real estate

Published under Buying,Real Estate on 07/10/2015

  When it comes to buying a home, it really does pay to do as much research as you can for this big purchase of your life. If you are at the time in your life to make a down payment on your dream home, you need to learn about the real estate terminology in order to be successful in Continue Reading »

Why is it important to put 20% down on a home?

Published under Buying,Real Estate on 07/10/2015

  Many people are at the point of their lives where they want to settle down and make their first big real estate purchase. One thing to keep in mind the is the importance of putting a down payment of 20 percent. Here’s why. You will have a greater chance of getting that mortgage if you pay 20%. In today’s Continue Reading »

Looking to purchase a plot of land for your dream home?

Published under Buying,Housing,Lifestyle,Real Estate on 06/30/2015

  If you have been in the market for a home for awhile, but haven’t found the right home for you and your not worry. That is beauty of being able to customize your dream home down to the color of your kitchen floor tile. How can this be done? Well you can build your dream home when you Continue Reading »

4 Home Buying Tips

Published under Buying,Housing,News on 06/26/2015

Whether you are in the market for a new home and want to prepare for the future, these home buying tips can help you out on your big purchase. Home Buying Tip #1: Check out the neighborhood in your spare time. It is important to check out the neighborhood at different times during the day to see what is going Continue Reading »

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