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Aug 10, 2015

Keeping the Heat Out

Are you tired of that uncomfortable bead of sweat that slowly drips down the side of your face while you’re sitting inside your home? St. George summers are anything but kind to those who enjoy the cool. Protect your house against the heat with these simple steps.

Immediate Remedies:

Reflective Barriers – One important thing to take into consideration when purchasing a home is the color, if you want the house to be cooler than most, get a lighter colored home. Dark colors will absorb between 70-90% of the heat, allowing it to seep into the inside of the home. You can also purchase metal reflectors that will send the heat back toward itself and away from your home.

Insulation – Insulating, caulking, and weatherstripping are easy ways to insulate from the heat. Insulating is very easy to install and the costs that you incur will be recouped by the lower energy costs.

Longer Term Remedies:

Trees- the once catch with trees is… that they have to grow. Trees absorb light in order to transfer it into energy via photosynthesis. Though they take a long time to grow in the long run they will provide a barrier between your home and the sun.

Shrubs – Putting them near the bottom of your house will protect your home where trees can’t. With the combination of the two the entire house can be protected by an organic security guard.

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