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Nov 20, 2014

A Homebuyer’s Checklist

6 Steps to Buying a Home

When searching to buy a home there is a lot to think about and it can become overwhelming. Charlie Mowery can offer help in showing you the most dependable homes for sale in St. George Utah, and here is a helpful checklist of six things to accomplish during the home buying process and what you will need to complete them.

  1. Envision Home Ownership
    1. Access your credit
      1. Attain a copy of your credit report
  2. Determine Your Buying Power
    1. Get pre-approved
      1. Credit Report
      2. Government Issued I.D.
      3. Personal Financial Statements
        1. Checking
        2. Savings
        3. Investment
        4. Retirement
      4. Most recent two pay stubs
      5. Most recent two pay stubs
      6. Most recent two W-2’s
      7. Self-employment information (if applicable)
      8. Documentation of other assets and income (if applicable)
      9. Documentation of long-term debt (if applicable)
      10. Pre-approval letter from lender
      11. Rate lock letter from lender
  3. House Hunting
    1. Show you are a serious buyer
      1. Pre-approval letter
      2. Rate lock letter
      3. Agency disclosure from realtor
      4. Agency agreement from realtor
  4. Make an Offer
    1. Preparing your offer
      1. Pre-approval letter
      2. Rate lock letter
      3. Comparative market analysis from realtor
      4. Seller’s disclosure
      5. Financial contract/purchase offer by realtor
      6. MLS listing sheet by realtor
      7. Loan Documents from lender
        1. Loan application
        2. Good faith estimate
        3. Truth-in-lending disclosure
        4. Mortgage commitment letter
  5. Prepare for Closing
    1. Preparing to Move
      1. Home inspection reports by professional inspector
      2. Home appraisal from lender
      3. Insurance quotes from home insurance company
      4. Homeowner’s insurance policy from home insurance company
      5. Moving estimates
      6. HUD-1 from lender
  6. Close & Move In
    1. Transferring ownership
      1. Good faith estimate
      2. HUD-1
      3. Promissory Note from lender
      4. Deed of Trust from attorney

While there is a lot to think about when buying a home, it can be an exciting process. Let it be enjoyable and stress free by letting a trusted realtor help; Charlie Mowery is dependable and can conveniently and comfortably show you homes for sale in St. George Utah.

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